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I  am an artist and modern craftswoman based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am is fascinated by textiles and how working with these materials allows me to have a deeper, more intimate contact with nature, communities and cultures.


My main source of inspiration is nature. I observe its rhythms, feel the changing seasons and admire its colors. I choose natural materials, most often linen, cotton and wool. I prepare dye baths from the collected plants and dye fabrics in them. This process brings me closer to nature, I feel its kindness and generosity.


Working with thread requires concentration and attention, it is one of the oldest human skills engaging both the body and the mind. It puts me in a meditative state, brings me closer to finding my roots, childhood memories and skills that I have already forgotten.


The craft of making and decorating textiles exists in every culture and I believe it can bring people from different backgrounds together, allowing them to interact and exchange ideas.

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